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How to be like Dita Von Teese?

It is hard not to like Dita Von Tease and in an interview she has some excellent tips on style and seduction. For instance, she says that unlike many women who refuse to wear lingerie or stockings either for the sake of comfort or as a statement of female power, she wears suspenders and stockings every day. She says that she cannot even imagine ever leaving the house without a full set of matching underwear. “All women should have a perfect-fitting black lace bra, with matching panties — string and brief — and a good suspender belt,’ according to the queen of burlesque.

While it may sound as if you cannot do it, she says that every night before going to sleep, she practices taking off her clothes glamorously. “Every time I remove a stocking, I do it in exactly the same way I would on stage,” she says. “It’s for me, it’s for fun….I believe we should all cultivate our sensuality. Every day you should do what you need to make you feel good.”

Image of Dita Von Tease while performing burlesque

In addition unlike many women who choose lingerie based on someone else seeing it (otherwise, give me my white cotton panties), Dita says, “I choose my lingerie and my look for me. My whole look is not something I’ve been doing for men.”