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Italian wine in a box

There is a strong argument being made why you should buy wine in a box rather than a bottle unless you have a very strong reason to do so, like, you want to age a wine or the wine that you absolutely must drink for whatever reason is not available in a box (in that case you should try to make sure that you recycle the bottle and also let your favorite winery know that they should make the wine in a box option available).

I have some more good news to report that comes from Tyler Colman. Italy, source of some of the best wines in the world, is allowing wine to be sold in boxes and still be able to get the Italian Ministry of Agriculture’s quality assurance label.

Just to point out that in case your favorite wine is not available in a box, you can buy many excellent wines from France, Australia, and the United States. Then there is always water or vodka.

Scooters as alternatives to bikes

While I was in Paris recently, I saw a fascinating bike-renting service called the Vélib. It works somewhat like the ZipCar system. The bike stations are located close to train stations and everything is fully automated. Of course, it makes perfect sense for short distance, but for somewhat longer distances, I am starting to believe that a scooter is a better alternative. Watch this video of Elva Ramirez taking a Vespa scooter for a spin in the Big Apple.