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Initial reaction to Amazon Kindle Fire HD range

As you all know how happy I was with my Kindle Fire and then sold it for a small loss on Amazon to prepare myself for the next generation of tablets. I am so glad that I got rid of my 2011 version of Kindle because in less than a year things are already so exciting. As always happens with gadgets, the new models give you more for the same price, so let us see what is new and different, and what might make sense for users like me.

Kindle Fire HD is better for the same $199 price: Basically, Amazon learned from the mistakes and shortcomings of its first generation product, and has launched a high definition version. More than the quality of graphics, I like the camera, which also allows you to do video chats on Skype. This means that wherever you can have wifi, you can actually do a video chat with your contacts. Since I am addicted to listening to Trance music in the background, I was not happy with the sound system on the previous model. This is now improved and so is the browser better. I am also hoping that they fixed the problem with typing because the previous version was impossible to type on.

Image of a chart that compares various Amazon kindle models

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″: The standard Kindle has a 7″ screen which is perfect for reading books, but I must say that unless a website is optimized for mobile, it is not a lot of fun to surf the web. I used it to surf the web only when I did not have my laptop nearby. Plus, for content creators like me, it is important to be able to type on any device that I am using, and the 7″ screen was a pain. This larger version should take care of that.

Still, before I make up my mind, I need to get totally comfortable with knowing everything about iPad Mini, Google Nexus, and Microsoft Surface.