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Homeland Security continues to be a priority
Several technology-based business opportunities emerge

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The 2006 budget request includes a total of $41 billion for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This is an increase of seven percent over the previous year, excluding Project BioShield. Among the entities with significant budgetary increases are Immigration and Customs Enforcement with a 13.5 percent increase and the U.S. Coast Guard with an increase of more than nine percent. The budget revolves around five major themes: Revolutionizing the Borders; Strengthening Law Enforcement; Improving National Preparedness and Response; Leveraging Technology; and Creating a 21st Century Department.  Analysis of these priorities indicates that almost all new business opportunities are technology driven.  (Related article:  How to do business with the Department of Homeland Security?)

Below is a list of major technology-driven projects in-progress/being proposed and a business leader has to figure out how she/he can leverage this opportunity.

  • Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO): The DNDO will develop, acquire and support the deployment and improvement of a domestic system to detect and report attempts to import, assemble, or transport a nuclear explosive device, fissile material or radiological material intended for illicit use. 
  • Consolidate various DHS screening activities with the formation of the Office of Screening Coordination and Operations (SCO): This new organization would enhance terrorist-related screening through comprehensive, coordinated procedures that detect, identify, track and interdict people, cargo and other entities and objects that pose a threat to homeland security. 
  • More state and local homeland security assistance: Over $2 billion in grants for states and urban areas would be based on assessments of risk and vulnerability, as well as the needs and priorities identified in state and regional homeland security plans. 
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Detection Technology 
  • The Container Security Initiative (CSI):  Focuses on pre-screening cargo before it reaches American shores 
  • America’s Shield Initiative (ASI):  Enhances electronic surveillance capabilities along the borders 
  • The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism 
  • Long Range Radar technology 
  • The Armed Helicopter for Homeland Security Project
  • The Integrated Deepwater System:  Strengthen maritime security capabilities.
  • Replacement of High Frequency (HF) Communications System:  To improve long-range maritime safety and security communications
  • Low Volatility Agent Warning System:  Warning and identification capability against a set of chemical agents whose vapor pressure is too low to be detected by conventional measures. 
  • Counter-MAN Portable Air Defense Systems (C-MANPADS):  Research the viability of technical countermeasures for commercial aircraft against the threat of shoulder-fired missiles. 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Electronically Managing enterprise resources for government effectiveness and efficiency (eMerge2)

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