Welcome to the homepage of Jay Dwivedi, a management consultant at xInvest Consultants.

We help our clients identify new high-value growth opportunities (market size/supply, demand and growth forecasts, value chain analysis, profitability, customer needs assessment, scenario analysis through forecast modeling, and growth platform development), develop go-to-market strategies (industry dynamics assessment, current business diagnostic, new business models and transformation, and business process redesign), conduct market research, manage projects, identify mergers and acquisition candidates, train executives to implement growth plans, conduct competitive intelligence, and guide business executives through strategy implementation process (key account management program).

We provide these services across a range of industries, including plastics (commodity, engineering thermoplastics, and high performance polymers), packaging, petrochemicals, energy (oil, natural gas, fracking, shale, solar and other renewable sources of energy), automotive, pulp & paper, personal care, and Internet. 

We are based in the Boston area and cover North and Latin America, along with Japan.

To contact us, please call 1-508-372-0150 during regular business hours on the East Coast in the United States.  You can also contact us through this form.